PT Ingenious is a representative of Amar Equipment Pvt. Ltd. India for Batch and Continuous Reactors.

Amar has 45 years of experience in design, manufacture & supply of high-pressure high-temperature batch and continuous reactors & allied systems. The products are designed for various types of application in lab, pilot, and plant-scale,with pressures up to 700 bar & temperatures up to 1000°C in different materials of construction.

These reactors are primarily used in R&D, pilot and manufacturing facilities of various chemical, pharma, oil & gas industries, research and educational institutes.

Batch Reactors

AMAR possesses expertise in design and manufacture of high-pressure high-temperature batch reactors, often used in various chemical reactions including, but not limited to, hydrogenation, epoxylation, alkoxylation, esterification, etherification, among others. These high-pressure batch reactor systems are built on a miniature, lab, pilot or semi-production scale and come equipped with all the required safety features and certifications needed for safe and effective operation.

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Continuous Reactors

To overcome the challenges and limitations posed by batch reactors in general, AMAR specializes in the design and manufacture of continuous flow reactor systems. These continuous flow reactors possess great potential to replace batch systems for most of the applications across various industries. AMAR’s specialty lies in customizing these reactors and developing solutions for them at the lab scale and expanding them to the pilot or semi-production scale. These continuous flow reaction systems have garnered significant interest worldwide and are quickly gaining recognition in mainstream chemistry as economical, safe and efficient solutions to the shortcomings posed by batch reactors.

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